Tag Menu

Amazing Menu
tags that have the word amazing in them.

Awesome Menu
pages of the tags with the word awesome in them

Beautiful-Gorgeous Menu
Has the words beautiful or gorgeous in the tags.

Tags that have the word bless in them

Christmass Menu
This menu has Chistmass tags in it.

Compliments Menu
If it's a compliment I put it here, u know like "stunning" "great job" "adorable" "fantastic"

Find all the Easter tags here.

Enjoy-For You-My Pleasure
Has "Enjoy", "For You", "My Pleasure" & maybe some other ones close to that if I feel like it.

Good Morning
All the Good Morning tags are going here.
Started on 2015-01-01.

Good job-Please
contains tags that have "good day" & "please" in them

Greetings Menu
Thats right greetings like "hello" "good day" happy b-day" "goodnite" ect.

This album has the word "hugs" in the tags.

Love Menu
yes thats right tags that have the word "love" in them in one form or fashion.

Mail Menu
This album has tags that have to do with mail like "great sends" "no mail".

Memorial Day
Just what it is.

tag-Mother's Day Album
Stuff that is a Tag & is related some hoew to Mother's Day.

Tags with the word "note" in them.

Other Menu
Ahhhh yes the famous other album, this is where I put all the stuff I don't know what to do with untill some other items come in to match with it.

Snagged-Share Menu
These tags have the words snagged & share in them.

if the tag has the word tag in it then this is where you can find it.

Thanks Menu
Has the word thanks in them.

Tags for Thanksgiving.

Thinking of you-Get Well
Has "Thinking of You", "Get Well" & other stuff that is close to those two.

Welcome Menu
Tags with the word Welcome in them.

Has "WOW", "Cool" & prolly some other stuff that is close to those two.

Update Page
Where all the Updates I've done for the last seveal years are listed at.

Photo Home Menu
All the photo albums.

The Main Landing Page.

Take a look at the menu on the left to make your choice of album to go to.

A tag is a smaller picture then the stationery you are using has. A tag is to put your name or something else like Happy St Patrick's Day, or Good Work on. Usually they use the tag with the matching stationer.

To use them you have to place your cursor where you want the tag to go and use the Insert Picture then browse to the folder and right click on the tag you want and state Open then OK and it should go into the area where you cursor was.