Photo menu

Emailed here,
Please include a description & Which album it should go in.
As no one sees the stuff Untill I open my mail & take care of it!
Nice safe system HUH ! !

911 Menu
Started out as a tribute to The events of sep 11 2001.
Its turned into a patriotic album that I'm keeping.

Allyson's Album
She's a friend of ours & she gets her own album to play with.

Angels Menu
Angel babies or dolls & a lot of other angels in this one.

Animals Menu
Animals OMG lots of animals choose an item from the left of the menu for the animal of ur liking.

Backgrounds Menu
lots & lots of backgrounds for any purpose.

Comics Menu
Comics I didn't put these someplace else.

Computer Menu
Just comics & or pics involving computers.

David 1's Family & Friends Menu
Family & friends wether they know it or not.

Faces & People Menu
Human & Alien faces & whole bodys
(G) rated People/Aliens that is !

Food Menu
anything to do with food.

Holiday Menu
Holiday photos of all sorts.

House Menu
All kinds of household items.

Military Menu
If I deem it to be anything at all to do with the Military I'm gonna put it here.

Misc Menu, holds all the albums I don't know what to do with yet

Money Stuff Menu
If it somehow involves money I'm putting it here.

Mother Nature Menu
Contains weather, planets, astroids, storms or other mother nature stuff

Pointers & Buttons Menu
Arrows, buttons & other related items

Relationships Menu
yup they sure are & any kind of them too.

Ships Menu
Cars, Trucks, Air, Water & Space

Signs Menu
All kinds of signage.

Sports Menu
Pics & jokes of Sports related items.

Tag Menu
A tag is a smaller picture then the stationery you are using has. A tag is to put your name or something else like Happy St Patrick's Day, or Good Work on. Usually they use the tag with the matching stationer.

Weapons Menu
All kinds of different weapons & related items will be here as I get them.

Work Menu
Work related pics & issues.

Words Menu
This one has Letters, Phrases, Single words, #s & Symbols

Update Page
Where all the Updates I've done for the last seveal years are listed at.

The Main Landing Page.

Ok at his point as of 20050103 @ 2230 EST Ok the whole darn thing is done if you see any errors Click here to let me know.

Hi Folks,

This is just a simple menu page for all the photo albums so that I didn't have a never ending nav bar on the main page.
I hope you enjoy the photos & please remember to keep them somewhat clean ( very seldom will I use something with the "F" word though sometimes happens ).
I switched to an email upload system ( see 1st menu item ).

I want to encourage u to see the MISC Menu for the photo albums it has a lot of really good stuff in there that I didn't put on the main menu so that I wouldn't have a never ending nav bar.