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All the rest of the past issues of the news letter that I have room for & I got 100 megs of space that I can use (G)

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Hi all,

Well folks its the 2nd of Feb of 2010 & I'm putting this back on the site for shits & giggles. I dont do the news letters any more but here are the ones that I did do for your viewing pleasure. Heres the rest of the page as I wrote it back in 2004.

Update on 20040603@1546. As of this date & prolly a year before this I haven't done a real news letter so to speak of BUT I do send out what I think is some great stuff & try not to overload your mail box ( though sometimes I don't succeed ). Anyway use the link to the left to join up with either one that I do now & it is double opt in to keep with the fed regualtions. NOW here's the original start to this page.
You may view all past issues by using the Menu on the left.

The first one is for the currant 3 month period.
The 2nd one is for all the rest that I have room for.

Once ya get to the menu of your choice, click on any of the html files that are in date format ie: 020425 = YYMMDD.shtml.
They are marked with this symbol

The ones that are marked with this symbol are for holding all the pictures & inserts just in case you might want them.

Ok for the Group Message Archive Menu there is a slight communication problem between all the different mail clients out there.
So I'm just going to leave the file EXT as *.eml & you may have to change the eml to whatever extension that your mail client uses.

Special note to my SCWNA members, Your archive is going to take a lot longer I actually have to learn some new skills to get yours done because I"ll need you to sign in to use it & I have to learn the programming to get that done!

If you have any trouble Please feel free to contact me & I'll see what I can do.