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Now its time for the show to start !!!!

yup that's me

OHHH yeah THis is truly my response

" ... Nathaniel Heatwole, 20, was charged with carrying a concealed
weapon aboard an aircraft ... The junior at Guilford College in
Greensboro, NC ... was ordered to stay away rom airports and off
planes."      (Knight-Ridder/10/21)

And to withdraw from his Poli Sci course:  "Making The Government Look
Stupid 1/A."

Hey Susan, Does Q have that to sell to your Dad ??

There is a life ? ?

[||||]       S I L V E R    F O X         [||||]

" ... Barbara Bush described the Democratic pesidential contenders as a
'sorry group' of politicians ...  on the Today Show."      (USA/10/21)

But she was careful to point out that she was speaking for herself and
not her son, President Bush, or her other son, former President Bush.

Tierney-GoodWivesGuide-11, LOL enough said

[||||]       P O K E R    P A U S E        [||||]

"William 'Si' Redd ... the man who transformed traditional spinning reel
slot machines into video screen gambling ... has died."      

Tierney-GoodWivesGuide-12., OHHH yes this is a great one to remember !

exp. when I do post like the last 2 (LOL)

[||||]     W O R D S    T O    L I V E    B Y    [||||]

Until we meet again, I leave you with the immortal words of  the Marquee
de Sade's optometrist who asked his patient "Hurt better here  --  or
here?   Here  --  or here?  Here or . . .  "

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& now your at the end of the letter, I hope that you enjoyed !

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