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The News Letter, 030427

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The times on this one are 394 seconds for 28K modem,
233 seconds for 56k modem & 107 seconds for cable/dsl

If there is audio,
the controls to turn it off
are locate here.

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By the way, on some of the pictures, if you hover your pointer over the picture, ya might find a comment from me on it.

Now its time for the show to start !!!!

now this one made me wonder.

yeah, I'll prolly make the same 
mistakes all over too so 
don't feel alone.

he tried that with me & 
it didn't work

I can name a few more

NOW! this one I need desperatly

yup, mine tooo

NOW that all depends on the 
speed of said firetruck !

& now your at the end of the letter, I hope that you enjoyed !

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Note the link goes back to MSA where I get a lot of my scripts at now.


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