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The News Letter, 021025

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By the way, on some of the pictures, if you hover your pointer over the picture, ya might find a comment from me on it,
now that I've learned how to do that.

Now its time for the show to start & I think we'll start now!!!!

Hi all,

Time for the Halloween Issue & due to my time constraints I'm only doing a picture one so I hope that ya'll enjoy!

sorry folks but in this day 
& time I had to post this.
It's truly sad that we have
to deal with stuff like this.

HUMMMMM, just figured out
why this didn't scare me
IT reminds me of Susan !
Love ya Sue.

& there's Paul doing the 
batman thing again & I'm 
not sure if that suits 
Owen or not.

yup another one, maybe that's
the problem, everybody minds
there own business & just 
allows stuff like this to go on
ok, I'll shut up now.

HEY, at least the last 3 were good ones.

& now your at the end of the letter, I hope that you enjoyed !


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