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It's rare to give a person two bonehead awards in a week. Thanks Fred,
my friend Carl and his mom for the follow-up.

Bonehead award one goes, again, to Barry Colbert of Moon Lake Florida,
the man who we previously gave a bonehead award to for letting his
7-year-old son drive the family car, until stopped by another car's
fender. It was a reward for completing chores and homework.

Concerned that the two children in his household (the 7-year-old boy
and his 3-year-old brother) were not being provided with appropriate
nutrition, among other things, police investigators paid Colbert a
visit. To prove his case, Colbert opened a cupboard to show them rice
and beans but ended up not only showing them that the food he bought
three years ago which was two years beyond expiration, but he also
unwittingly showed them his bong pipe (used for smoking marijuana).

And what says Colbert about this blunder?

"I was like, 'Oh, Christ. This is it. I'm going to jail.' "

And what did Colbert tell the police about the bong?

He said he told police he never used it. "We don't do that. I just
roll them up and go outside and smoke them."

And what says Colbert about why he has three year old rice and beans?

"I made sure we were all going to be OK if this Y2K thing came along,"

The two children were removed from the home and placed into shelters.

St. Petersburg Times 22-Feb-02
or http://shorterlink.com/?YWRHKB

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Hi all,

This is the last issue in this format. I'm going to the same format that I use in the adult & virus groups
basically I'm going to send indivisual emails & just send out one or two batches aday.

If this is unaceptable then hit the poll that I'm about to make or just send me an email what you think of it.
Please don't just unsubscribe, this isn't carved in stoned, it's just that doing the newsletter this way is taking a lot of time & I'll put the time in if that's what I have to do.
But it would be a lot easier this way so I say again don't just unsuscribe, PUT YOUR SELF ON no-email & give me some time to make this work, & if it don't work for the majority then I'll go back to the old format.

The Pics I still may use the old format I'm not sure yet.


David 1


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& now your at the end of the letter, I hope that you enjoyed

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thanks, David 1