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OHHH, wouldn't this be nice

Old-Fashioned Baked Custard

6 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 t salt
4 cups milk
1 t vanilla extract
1/8 tsp nutmeg

In a large bowl, beat eggs slightly, add sugar and salt;
mix well. Add in milk and stir well. Flavor with vanilla
and nutmeg, mix thoroughly. Grease a 9x9-inch baking dish
and pour in custard mixture. Place in a shallow pan
containing warm water; bake at 325 degrees for 75 minutes
or until knife inserted in middle comes out clean.

At its annual convention in Chicago, the American Bar Association
has voted 164-160 for a rule barring sexual relations between lawyers
and clients.

"Do all lawyer-client relationships exploit the client? Probably not,
but most do," argued one law professor.

The rule, included in the Association's Model Rules, cannot be
legally enforced, but many states use the Model Rules for their codes
of conduct.

The loophole that allows it during preparation of the bill, of
course, will remain.

Three contractors were visiting a tourist attraction on the same
day. One was from New York, another from Texas, and the third
from Florida. At the end of the tour, the guard asked them
what they did for a living. When they all replied that they
were contractors the guard said, "Hey, we need one of the
rear fences redone.  Why don't you guys take a look at it
and give me a bid?"
So to the back fence they all went.
First to step up was the Florida contractor. He took out
his tape measure and pencil, did some measuring and said,
"Well I figure the job will run about $900.  $400 for
materials, $400 for my crew, and $100 profit for me."

Next was the Texas contractor.  He also took out his tape
measure and pencil, did some quick figuring and said, "Looks
like I can do this job for $700.  $300 for materials, $300 for
my crew, and $100 profit for me."
Without so much as moving, the New York contractor said,
The guard, incredulous, looked at him and said, "You didn't
even measure like the other guys!  How did you come up with
such a high figure?"
"Easy," he said.  "$1,000 for me, $1,000 for you, and we
hire the guy from Texas."

Ted: "I see you bought a new car.  What's the make?"
Blondie Sue: "A Perndle."
Ted: "A what?"
Sue: "A Perndle."
Ted: "I've never heard of a Perndle before."
Sue: "Me either, but that's what it says, right over the
steering wheel."
Ted: "It says *what* over the steering wheel?"
Sue: "The name of the car.  It's spelled out, right above the
steering wheel and right beneath the speedometer:  P-R-N-D-L."

Everybody lies. But it doesn't matter since nobody

It isn't widely known, but the first toilet seat was invented by a
Polish scientist in the 18th century.  The invention was later modified
by a Jewish  inventor who put a hole in the seat.

"There's one thing about being a president--nobody can tell
you when to sit down." -Dwight D. Eisenhower

"Late night TV is very educational. It teaches you that you
should have gone to bed earlier." -James Dent

Like all parents, my husband and I just do the best we can,
and hold our breath, and hope we've set aside enough money
to pay for our kids' therapy." -Michelle Pfeiffer

In my senior year I reluctantly took a required psychology
course.  The first day, the professor commented on each
student's major, trying to provoke a response.  It was
working - some students were becoming defensive.  When it
was my turn, I told him I was a music major.

"So," asked my professor, "what does your father think of you
wasting your education to study music."

"He's just thankful," I shot back, "that I didn't go into

While working in a clothing store, I noticed that people had
no shame about returning items that obviously had been worn.
One rainy morning I walked in and found a discolored blazer
hanging on the rack with other returns. "People return the
most filthy, nasty things," I commented to my supervisor who
was standing nearby.

Eyebrow raised, she said, "That's my jacket."

[Thanks to Reader's Digest.]

Did Ya' Know:
Soup in Asia is used as an alternative medicine - tom yum
in Thailand; bone marrow soup, soybean sprout soup, or
seaweed soup in Korea. Sweet dessert soup in China is eaten
to balance one's yin and yang.

The eggplant has many names worldwide. In addition to
"eggplant," it is called aubergine, brinjal, melanzana,
garden egg, and patlican.
The female king crab incubates as many as 400,000 young
for 11 months in a brood pouch under her abdomen.

Because of their extreme elasticity, the human lungs are
100 times easier to blow up than a child's toy balloon.

From the 1820s to 1960s, the Lehigh River in eastern
Pennsylvania, was owned by the Lehigh Coal and Navigation
Co., making it the only privately owned river in the United States.

From YOU The Reader's Dept.:
> The Bactrian camel is the only mammal on Earth that can
> survive on salt water.
What about whales, dolphins, seals, manatee and walruses? --Leni
(MANY Thanks to Leni!)

What is the length of time on copyright dates of photos? In other words
how old does a photo have to be before it can be reproduced legally by a
photo copier machine? Thanks!  --Tennie

*grin* It makes people wonder!

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A plane is on its way to Montreal when a blonde in Economy class gets up,
moves to the First Class Section and sits down. The flight attendent watches
her do this and asks to see her ticket. She then tells the blonde that she
paid Economy and that she will have to sit in the back.
The blonde replied, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Montreal and
I'm staying right here!"
The flight attendent goes into the cockpit and tells the pilot and copilot
that there is some blonde bimbo sitting in First Class that belongs in
Economy and won't move back to her seat.
The copilot goes back to the blonde and tries to explain that because she
only paid for Economy she will have to leave and return to her seat.
The blonde replies, "I'm blonde, I'm beautiful, I'm going to Montreal and
I'm staying right here!"
The copilot tells the pilot that he probably should have the police waiting
when they land to arrest this blonde woman that won't listen to reason.
The pilot says, "You say she's blonde? I'll handle this. I'm married to a
blonde. I speak "blonde!"
He goes back to the blonde, whispers in her ear and she says, "Oh, I'm
sorry!" She gets up and moves back to her seat in the Economy section.
The flight attendent and the copilot are amazed and asked him what he said
to make her move without any fuss.
"I told her First Class isn't going to Montreal."


1.  There are Rules and there are Laws. The rules are made by men who think
that they know how to fly your airplane better than you.

2.  The Laws (of Physics) were made by the Great One. You can, and sometimes
should, suspend the rules but you can never suspend the Laws.

3.  More about Rules: A. Rules are a good place to hide if you don't have a
better idea and the talent to execute it. B.  If you deviate from a rule, it
must be a flawless performance. (e.g. If you fly under a bridge, don't hit
the bridge.)

4.  As an aviator in flight you can do anything you want. As long as it's
right and we'll let you know if its right after you get down.

5.  You can't fly forever without getting killed or dying.

6.  As a Fighter Pilot only two bad things can happen to you and one of them
will happen to you: A.  One day you will walk out to the aircraft knowing
that it is your last flight in a fighter. B.  One day you will walk out to
the airplane not knowing that it is your last flight in a fighter.

7.  The Fighter Pilot is the highest form of life on earth.

8.  The ideal Fighter Pilot is the perfect blend of discipline and

9.  About check rides: A.  Having someone follow you to grade how you fly is
just like having someone come into your bedroom to grade how you make Love.
B.  The only real objective of a check ride is to complete it and get the
bastard out of sight. C.  It has never occurred to any Flight Examiner that
the Examinee could care less what the Examiner's opinion is, of his flying

10.  The medical profession is the natural enemy of the aviation profession.

11.  The job of the Squadron Commander is to worry incessantly that his
career depends solely on the abilities of his aviators to fly their
airplanes without mishap and that the only minuscule contribution his
aviators give to this effort is to bet their lives on it.

12.  Ever notice that the only experts who decree that the age of the pilot
is over, are people who have never flown anything? Also, in spite of the
intensity of their feelings that the pilot's day is over, I know of no such
expert who has volunteered to be a passenger in a non-piloted aircraft.

13.  It is absolutely imperative that the Fighter Pilot be unpredictable.
Rebelliousness is very predictable. In the end, conforming most of the time,
is the best way to be unpredictable.

14.  He who demands everything that his aircraft can give him is a pilot; he
that attempts one iota more is a fool.

15.  If you're gonna fly low, do not fly slow!

16.  It is solely the pilot's responsibility to never let any other thing
touch his aircraft.

17.  If you can learn how to fly as a Lt. and not forget how to fly by the
time you're a Lt.Col. you will have lived a happy life.

18.  About night flying: A.  Remember that the airplane doesn't know that
it's dark. B.  At night, never fly between the tanker's lights. C.  There
are certain aircraft sounds that can only be heard at night. D.  If you're
going to fly at night, it might as well be in the weather so you can double
count your exposure to both hazards. E.  Night formation flying is a test of
concentration. F.  You would have to pay a lot of money at a lot of
amusement parks to get the same blend of psychedelic sensations as a night
weather formation flight on the wing of a younger pilot.

19.  One of the most important skills that a pilot must develop is the skill
to ignore those things that were designed by non-pilots to get the pilot's

20.  At the end of the day, the Controllers, Operations Supervisors,
Maintenance Guys, Weather Guessers, and Birds; they're all trying to kill
you and your job is to not let them!

21.  The concept of "controlling" airspace with radar is just a form of FAA
sarcasm directed at Fighter Pilots to see if they're gullible enough to
swallow it.  Or to put it another way, when is the last time the FAA ever
shot anyone down?

22.  Remember that the radio is only an electronic suggestion box for the
pilot.  Sometimes the only way to clear up a problem is to turn it off.

23.  It is a tacit, yet a profound admission of the preeminence of flying in
the hierarchy of the human spirit, that those who seek to control aviators
via threats always threaten to take away one's wings and not one's life.

24.  Remember when flying low and inverted that the rudder still works the
same old way but hopefully your Instructor never taught you "pull the stick
back, and the plane goes up".

25.  Mastering the prohibited maneuvers in the Manual is one of the best
forms of aviation life insurance you can get.

26.  A tactic done twice is a procedure. (Refer to unpredictability
discussion above)

27.  The aircraft G-limits are only there in case there is another flight
scheduled for that particular airplane. If subsequent flights are not
likely, there are no G-limits.

28.  One of the beautiful things about a single piloted aircraft is the
quality of the social experience.

29.  If a mother has the slightest suspicion that her infant might grow up
to be a pilot she had better teach him to put things back where he got them.

30.  The ultimate responsibility of the pilot is to fulfill the dreams of
the countless millions of earthbound ancestors who could only stare skyward
and wish.

A few years ago, as a solar eclipse approached, some planetarium
directors in Southern California sent out warnings to the community
about the eclipse.  They warned people not to look directly into the sun.

The planetarium received an indignant letter from a local blonde resident.
She said that if an eclipse was so dangerous, they never should have
decided to hold one and ought to cancel it.

Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that
there is one less scoundrel in the world.
--Thomas Carlysle (1795-1881) Scottish essayist and historian

Our defense is in the preservation of the spirit which
prizes liberty as a heritage of all men, in all lands,
everywhere.  Destroy this spirit and you have planted the
seeds of despotism around your own doors.
--Abraham Lincoln, on October 11, 1858

America's newest export to Italy is bingo. That popular
game that has long been a fund-raising device for lodges
and churches and a staple in Las Vegas, has found a new
home in Italy. And, according to the New York Times, many
in that country see it as a big mistake. The publication
says that in just the past few months, more than 50
massive bingo parlors have opened in Italy. The diversion
is drawing a cross section of society, from those barely
able to buy the minimum number of cards to upper-crust men
and women in their finery -- all mingling in bingo halls.
Even though some social activists say the craze, called
by one publication "bingo fever" is a detriment to society,
many in the federal government love it. Rome gets one
quarter of the take in licensed parlors.

A new report issued by the University of Toronto shows that
many medical experts who have written national guidelines
suggesting ways to treat common diseases have had ties to
drug companies. The research shows that nine out of 10 of
the regimen-writing experts had direct links to
pharmaceutical producers. The survey, printed in the Journal
of the American Medical Association, canvassed nearly 200
experts who write guidelines for the treatment of diseases
such as diabetes, depression, asthma and heart problems.
About 100 responded. Of that number 90 had some type of
financial relationship with one or more drug companies.

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Alisa, I'm Thinking of you

This is for *you all* EDUCATORS and Smart People.!!

Eighth Grade Final Exam in 1895 Remember when our grandparents,
great-grandparents, and such stated that they only had an 8th
grade education?  Well, check this out.  Could any of us have passed the
8th grade in 1895?

This is the eighth grade final exam from 1895 in Salina, Kansas
USA.  It was taken from the original document on file at the Smokey Valley
Genealogical Society and Library in Salina, Kansas and reprinted by the Salina

8th Grade Final Exam:

Salina, KS - 1895 GRAMMAR (Time, one hour)

1.  Give nine rules for the use of Capital Letters.

2.  Name the Parts of Speech and define those that have no

3.  Define Verse, Stanza and Paragraph.

4.  What are the Principal Parts of a verb?  Give Principal Parts
of do, lie,  lay and run.

5.  Define Case.  Illustrate each Case.

6.  What is Punctuation?  Give rules for principal marks of

7 - 10.  Write a composition of about 150 words and show therein
that you understand the practical use of the rules of grammar.

ARITHMETIC (Time, 1.25 hours)

1.  Name and define the Fundamental Rules of Arithmetic.

2.  A wagon box is 2 ft.  deep, 10 feet long, and 3 ft.  wide. 
How many bushels of wheat will it hold?

3.  If a load of wheat weighs 3942 lbs., what is it worth at 50
cts./bushel, deducting 1050 lbs. for tare?

4.  District No. 33 has a valuation of $35,000.  What is the
necessary levy to carry on a school seven months at $50 per month, and have $104
for incidentals?

5.  Find cost of 6720 lbs. coal at $6.00 per ton.

6.  Find the interest of $512.60 for 8 months and 18 days at 7

7.  What is the cost of 40 boards 12 inches wide and 16 ft.  long
at $20 per metre?

8.  Find bank discount on $300 for 90 days (no grace) at 10

9.  What is the cost of a square farm at $15 per are, the distance
around which is 640 rods?

10.  Write a Bank Check, a Promissory Note, and a Receipt.

US  HISTORY (Time, 45 minutes)

1.  Give the epochs into which US History is divided.

2.  Give an account of the discovery of America by Columbus.

3.  Relate the causes and results of the Revolutionary War.

4.  Show the territorial growth of the United States.

5.  Tell what you can of the history of Kansas.

6.  Describe three of the most prominent battles of the Rebellion.

7.  Who were the following: Morse, Whitney, Fulton, Bell, Lincoln,
Penn, and Howe?

8.  Name events connected with the following dates: 1607 1620 1800
1849 1865 ORTHOGRAPHY (Time, one hour)

1.  What is meant by the following: Alphabet, phonetic,
orthography, etymology, syllabication?

2.  What are elementary sounds?  How classified?

3.  What are the following, and give examples of each: Trigraph,
subvocals, diphthong, cognate letters, linguals?

4.  Give four substitutes for caret 'u'.

5.  Give two rules for spelling words with final 'e'.  Name two
exceptions under each rule.

6.  Give two uses of silent letters in spelling.  Illustrate each.

7.  Define the following prefixes and use in connection with a
word: Bi, dis, mis, pre, semi, post, non, inter, mono, sup
8.  Mark diacritically and divide into syllables the following,
and name the sign that indicates the sound: Card, ball, mercy, sir, odd, cell,
rise, blood, fare, last.

9.  Use the following correctly in sentences, cite, site, sight,
fane, fain, feign, vane, vain, vein, raze, raise, rays.

10.  Write 10 words frequently mispronounced and indicate
pronunciation by use of diacritical marks and by syllabication.

GEOGRAPHY (Time, one hour)

1.  What is climate?  Upon what does climate depend?

2.  How do you account for the extremes of climate in Kansas?

3.  Of what use are rivers?  Of what use is the ocean?

4.  Describe the mountains of North America.

5.  Name and describe the following: Monrovia, Odessa, Denver,
Manitoba, Hecla, Yukon, St. Helena, Juan Fermandez, Aspinwall and Orinoco.

6.  Name and locate the principal trade centers of the US

7.  Name all the republics of Europe and give capital of each.

8.  Why is the Atlantic Coast colder than the Pacific in the same

9.  Describe the process by which the water of the ocean returns
to the sources of rivers.

10.  Describe the movements of the earth.  Give inclination of the

Well, would you have passed??

NO, I didn't I'll tell you that now, except for most of the math, now that I did ok on, David 1

& now your at the end of the letter, I hope that you enjoyed

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