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50 Unbelievable Facts About Earth!
Space & other stuff.

Clouds-storms Menu
Mother Nature at her finest, sort of reminds me of my EX-Wives !

False Facts
I often wonder about some of the things people say that we all take for granted.

Flowers Menu
all different stuff involving flowers.

Other Menu
If it grows & I don't have an album for it already, I prolly put it here.

Astroids & what not.

Potted Menu
If it grows, it's legal, it's in a pot, I put it here.

Scenery Menu
Just Scenery that I didn't put somewhere else.

Stars Menu
Remember the sun is a star so you'll get some nice sun shots in this album.

Summer-Heat Menu
Anyting to do with Summer or Heat or Spring I'm putting here.
Started on 2015-01-17.

Trees-Mushrooms Menu
Yup that's what they are ! I think ?

Water Menu
If it has to do with water, including frozen water I put it here.

Winter-Cold Menu
If it has something to do with Winter or the damn Cold that goes with it then I'll prolly stick it here.

You know it's hot when
Page name says it all.

Update Page
Where all the Updates I've done for the last seveal years are listed at.

Photo Home Menu
All the photo albums.

The Main Landing Page.

Hi all,

Just another standard menu. This menu handles everything that I call Mother Nature, basically anything that I feel has to do with mother nature I put here.
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