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Hi all this is just a page that I'm putting together to give the definitions of the Jargon acronym like LOL & ttyl so that I have them for our use feel free to email me if u want to add anything to the list OR u want me to try & find out something for u then just send me an email . Incase the link don't work My email addy is webmaster@suescornerweb.com.
Hey a Friend just gave me a link to a site that has alot more Acronyms then I prolly ever will have so If I don't have what it is that ur looking for then please go here to this site: http://www.netlingo.com/acronyms.php NetLingo.com: The Largest List of Text and Chat Acronyms
Acronym What it means Notes
<3 Heart  
24/7 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  
addy Address  
AFK Away From Keyboard  
AFN All For Now  
ASL Age/Sex/Location  
ATM At The Moment Thanks Theresa, I can't believe I missed this one.
ATD At the Doctors Senior Texting Code
AWOL Absent WithOut Leave  
b/c Because  
BBL Be Back Later  
BBS Buletin Board System  
BF Boy Friend  
BFF Best Friends Forever
Best Friend Fell
The second one is Senior Texting Code
BRB Be Right Back  
BTT Bring, or Bumped, or Bounced, or Bringing To Top  
BTW By The Way
Bring The Wheelchair
2nd one is Senior Texting Code
BYOB Bring Your Own Bottle  
BYOT Bring Your Own Teeth Senior Texting Code
CRS Can't Remember Shit Added on 2013-12-09
CYA See Ya Later  
DF Dear fiance/Friend  
DH Dear Husband  
DL Down Load  
ETA Estimate Time of Arrival  
FR For Real Thanks Paul Bowles
FWIW Forgot Where I Was Senior Texting Code
GF Girl Frined  
GG Good Game  
GGPBL Gotta Go Pacemaker Battery Low Senior Texting Code
GHA Got Heartburn Again Senior Texting Code
GL Good Luck  
GN Good Night  
GTFO Get The F*** Out  
GTG Got To Go  
HAL Have A Laugh  
HFC How Freakin Cute  
HMU Hit Me Up Social Media Paul
IDK I Don't Know  
IKR I Know Right  
ILY I Love You  
IMHO In My Honest Opinion  
JK just kidding  
JJ just joking  
IDFK I Dont F***ing Know  
IDR I Dont Remember  
IME In My Expierence  
IMHO Is My Hearing-aid On Senior Texting Code
IMO In My Opinion;  
IMPOV In My Point Of View  
IOU I Owe yoU  
ISO In Search Of  
IYD In Your Dreams  
L8R Later  
LMAOTNTPMP Laughing My Ass Off Trying Not To Pee My Pants  
LMBO Laughing My Butt Off  
LMDO Laughing My Dentures Out Senior Texting Code
LMFAO Laughing My FU***** Ass Off I do claim to have G rated site ya know.
LMS Like My Status Social Media Paul
LOA Love On Arrival got from a song
LOL Laugh Out Loud or Laughing Out Loud Does NOT mean Lots Of Love
LOLROFLMAO Laugh Out Loud Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off  
MCW Monday Crush Women Social Media Paul
MLAR Much Love & Respect  
NP No Problem  
OMG Oh My God  
OMMR On My Massage Recliner Senior Texting Code
OMSG Oh My! Sorry Gas Senior Texting Code
OMW On My Way  
PB Peanut Butter  
PB&J Peanut Butter & Jelly  
PITA Pain In The Ass  
PlS PLeaSe  
PPL People  
PTR computer I may be the only one that uses that
PW password  
ROFLACGU Rolling On Floor Laughing And Cant Get Up Senior Texting Code
ROFLMAO Rolling on the Floor Laughing My Ass Off  
SMDH Shaking My Damn Head
a friend of mine says that it means
Suck My D*** Hard
SMH Shaking My Head  
SMFH Shaking My F***ing Head  
SOB Son Of a Bi***  
SSDD Same Shit Different Day  
STFU Shut The F*** Up  
SUP what's up  
TBH To Be Honest Social Media Paul
TBR To Be Rude Social Media Paul
TGIF Thank God It's Friday  
TLC Tender Loving Care  
TTYL Talk To You Later
Talk To You Louder
The second one is Senior Texting Code
TY Thank You  
UL Up Load  
WB Welcome Back  
WCW Women Crush Wednesday Social Media Paul
w/e whatever  
WEG Wide Evil Grin from the old BBS days
WTF What The F***  
WTH What The Hell  
xD My 15 year old son says this is a very bad BAD one,
My 18 year old son says its just a smiley face,
Laughing really hard, I'll just let u decide
Please need help with this one
xo Kissed & Hugs Not sure about this one some one want to tell me for sure
YOLO You Only Live Once  
YW Your Welcome