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Christian Humour
Jesus and Satan were having an on-going argument about who was better on the computer.

Getting to Know MS Paint
Did you know that your computer’s operating system has a simple-yet-powerful photo manipulation tool called “Paint”? Since its introduction in 1992 as part of the then-new Windows 3.1, Paint has evolved into its modern-day version.

The History Of QWERTY Keyboard
Why is the keyboard layout Q-W-E-R-T-Y and not simply A-B-C-D-F?

How to Search Google More Efficiently
Here are some tips that will aid you in your search.

USB-stick for the elderly
Soon it will be compulsory for the elderly to not only carry their ID with them, but also their insurance papers, their list of medication and a compact version of their medical history, their views about resuscitation after a cardiac arrest etc, etc.

Very Rare Photos-01
A whole bunch of different Rare Pics here.
& Since your in this Menu you may be interested in some of the items.

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Started on 2015-01-07.

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of the Computer Album.
Started on 2016-02-16.

Update Page
Where all the Updates I've done for the last seveal years are listed at.

24 hour format conversion chart

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