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10 Animals That Stand Out From The Crowd
These rare conditions have given these animals colors which make them stand out from the crowd in the most beautiful ways.

10 awesome animals
The world is filled with all kinds of different animals, some more unusual than others. Here are 10 awesome animals most people don't even know exist.

Always Cuter Together
One thing is for sure, everything is better when we do it together.

Animals And Their Reflections
Yup they be looken at themselves.

Animals as pets-AMAZING
Made me think of a special person.

Thats what they are trying to do allright.

Animals in precarious positions
The question is not how did they get into this mess, but HOW do we get them out without injury.

Animals keeping warm
Well at lest trying.

Animals with Unique Fur Markings
These furry little cuties have patterns and markings that will melt your heart, make you laugh and bring joy to your heart.

Bears Menu
Bears & more bears.

Animals-Big Menu
Just Large sized animals that don't have a album of their own to call home.

Birds Menu
see all the pages of birds.


THE CAPTIONS ARE PRICELESS ... and the photography is amazing!

Cats Menu
of all kinds & sizes

Deer Menu
& other big animals of the like.

Dogs Menu
of all sizes & kinds

Just as the name says!!
Started on 2015-01-01.

False Facts
I often wonder about some of the things people say that we all take for granted.

Fastest in the World
A whole bunch of different fastest stuff here.
& Since your in this Menu you may be interested in some of the items.

Frogs-Turtles Menu
That's Right folks, it's Frogs & Turtles time.

Funny animals
Yes they are.

Funny Animals That DGAF And Will Fall Asleep Anywhere
When Grocery Shopping Gets Really Boring...

Goats Album
Goats of all sorts.

Going to the vet
What happens when animals discover they are at the vet's office!

Horses Menu
Horses, Unicorns & that Peguasus one too I think.

Insects Menu
Well I think they are any way

Yup I guess they could be considered that??

Kissing Animals
Prove That Kisses Aren’t Just For People

Animals-Medium Menu
Just Medium sized animals that don't have a album of their own to call home.

If it's a little tiny critter it's here.

Apes & what not

The Oddest Animals That Exist in Real Life
Well that's what the email says any way I just took it's word for it.

Owl And Kitten Become Best Friends
A tiny owl and baby kitten have become the best of friends in a Japanese coffee shop.

Other Menu
Any Critter that don't have it's own Album

Pet Humor
Just what the name says.

Pigs-Elephants Menu
& other real big animals like hippos & stuff

Rabbits & more rabbits God how they multiply.

The Real Average Lifespan of Animals
Yup about that long!

Animals-Small Album
Just Small sized animals that don't have a album of their own to call home.

Snake-Worm Menu
Snakes & Worms, Sue's Favorite section

Spiders Menu
Everybody loves spiders.

Squirrels Menu
Squirrels of all sorts, shapes & sizes are here.

Stop with the Camera & Get Me Out Of Here
I believe that they forgot to say Please.

Surprisingly Dangerous Animals
Everyone knows that lions and tigers and bears (oh my) are cute but dangerous, but there are a lot of critters out there that seem entirely harmless but are actually every bit as deadly as those previously mentioned beasts.

These Animals Are Ready to Have Fun
Humans didn't invent having fun, that's clear. Animals have fun all the time.

& what spot some of them are.

Thoughts Your Pet Has At The Vet’s Office
You got to see this one it's great!!!

Water Menu
Any critter that has to do with water

They help out around the house.

You'll Never Look At These Animals The Same Again
Face it: it all have strange, stupid thoughts (and mainly while we're in the shower).

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