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From the year 1915.

The Black Dot
Sometimes it is the simplest of stories that make us ponder the most.

Lipstick in School
Great way to handle the problem.

Old Blackboards Discovered
Looking to upgrade the rooms with new whiteboards and smartboards, the workers had to first remove the outdated chalkboards. But when they began to pull away the old boards, they made a startling discovery

NEW School Prayer
By a 15-year-old who got an A+ for this entry (TOTALLY AWESOME)! The Lord's Prayer is not allowed in most U.S. Public schools any more.

I don't really know how true this is BUT it's a great story anyway.

What a great way to honor America's military
This high school student found a very crafty way to honor the U.S. Army. Make sure you take a good look at what was used to create this school art project. Boy Creates A Flag for a Class Art Project but no one expected this!

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