People of Walmart
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People at Walmart doing & wearing their thing.

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This is why they are called "handles." She lost her pants playing Strip Poker on Aisle 3!
He found out the hard way that Karma certainly lasts forever! Do you think he knows his toupee fell off?
Must be raining outside. Moe Howard's redheaded step-child with a "Sexy" tattoo on her chest!
God, we all can only hope so! She sat on her probation papers before the ink was dry!
No matter how much my knee hurts in the future, we will NEVER ride one of these carts again! If Donald Trump & Rick Flair had a baby this is what it would look like!
We sure hope those are his Speedos and not his underwear. Now available at Walmart - the all new Samsung OMG Crack Phone!
It's orthopedic. It keeps her from becoming any more hunchbacked! Is that a lighter in his shorts or is he just happy to be at Walmart?
you know you are at walmart Pensacola , Florida
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