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These guys just have to be on their way to Larry the Cable Guy's Christmas tractor pull. Wow! In no way, shape, or form does this exactly resemble a blowup sex doll.
(Actually - This sweater is a Coogie from Australia , hand made, generally costs about $600.00). What is a "high end retail shopper" doing in a Wal-Mart wearing a clothing item like this? I hope you are picking out some nice underwear for us to look at since it's pretty obvious you like wearing your skirt high enough to let us study what you got going on under there.
Do you call the cops or just invite him over for some beers so you can listen to the craziest stories ever told? Trust me, you REALLY don't want to see who came in second.
Dale Jr. in a Walmart?! I love it when you call me big pop-pa…throw your hands in the air, if you're a true playa!
What all don't you have going on in your life that freeing Charlie Manson is in the top 100 things on your to do list?
I honestly can't think of a good place or situation to wear these. I want to say 1987 but that still feels like a wrong answer. Hey there dandelion, how 'bout you make a better effort in covering up your tulips?
You plan on stuffing someone into a woodchipper there Fargo ? How do you make jorts better? You pair them with a camo shirt. How do you make the jorts/camo shirt outfit better? You class it up with another pair of tighter jeans, high heels, and a studded belt. Work it Baby!!
It's only fitting a gem like this is spotted in the crafts aisle. Now if you don't mind, I'm going to lie down because I'm getting lightheaded. Hey buddy, while you are on your cool Bluetooth could you call the optometrist for me because you have permanently screwed up my vision. You might as well make an appointment for yourself while you're at it because it's obvious that you can't see either.
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