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what god knows about me is Praise the Lord
Every day, a woman stood on here porch and shouted "Praise the Lord!" And every day the atheist next door yelled, "There is no Lord!" One day she prayed, "Lord, I'm hungry. Please send me groceries." The next morning she found a big bag of food on the stairs. "Praise the Lord." she shouted. "Ha! I told you there was no Lord." her neighbor said, jumping from behind a bush. "I bought those groceries." "Praise the Lord!" she said. "He not only senty me groceries, but he made the devil pay for them."
call upon me in the day Dear god please keep my
dear god, I need you today do you know jesus
dont give up on what God for there is one god
God doesnt give us what God is listening
God will always provide Good morning I'll be handling all
his grace is bigger I pray that happiness
If anyone is in christ the things you take for granted
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