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Share this with your friends to thank Law Enforcement for,
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Dear Officer, I want you to know that I see you, I see you choose the,
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It is with great sadness to hear that Wise County Sheriff K9 "Pepper" was killed in the line of duty today. A suspect shot two year-old K9 "Pepper" before a deputy returned fire, killing the suspect.
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Paw, What happened to the police since back in out day,
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May 4th is International Firefighters Day. Like & Share if you love,
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Every Police Officer who puts this on in the morning KNOWS there's,
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Sorry about the wait How's the kitten An apple a day is almost a thousand rupees a month. Visiting a Dr is,
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We love. We laugh. We have families. We come in all colors, shapes and Share a blue balloon in support of our police officers out there doing an,
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A coffin maker was on his way to deliver one of his coffins, in the process,
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A cop is staking out the Biker's Pub $ Caffe for bikers riding drunk
A cop pulled me over for speeding and when I told him I was going to A state Trooper pulled over an old man for speeding. The officer said to
Go ahead and run. He likes fast food /If you point a gun at the Police and get shot! You are NOT a victim of anything!
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