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The police are looking A Pharmaceutical truck full of, Updates start here.
Brazil prisons offer their prisoners everybody wanna be a gansta until
I wanna steal a donut truck The cop pulled me over and
We live in an age when pizza, Updates for 2013-11-18 start here. Instant crime scene clean up, Updates for 2013-11-25 start here.
Be nice to nurses, They keep doctors, Updates for 2013-11-30 start here. Firefighter in Denmark rescues, Updates for 2013-12-08 start here.
A nurse walks into a bank totally,
Updates for 2014-08-05 start here.
Once Jimmy hoffa is found, we can,
Updates for 2015-01-12 start here.
The Orlando Police Department presented officer Karen Long with a pink patrol car to honour her fight with cancer & in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. (photo: City of Orlando) – Colin — The police see people at their worst Drunk drivers Drugged
When you find out the cost of an ambulance Yes, your Honor, That's him, That's the idiot who thought
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