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Look, peeing on a criminal after a takedown is not considered a high 5
Webmasters Note: I love this one!
Officer Hickey retired this month. He expected that his six year old K9
Webmasters Note: This is just plain WRONG. I bet they try to find a way to do this to other Officers also.
Police=This is the police! Open your door now! Me=Not with that attitude Run if you like But you won't get far
Share if you think thugs who kill a K9 should be given the same
Webmasters Note: YES just for the record I do agree with this.
He says he's hauling Sailboat Fuel, but his trailer is empty. What should I do,
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It takes a special person to risk so much for people who care so little Nurses are awesome share if you agree
A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone,
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Man was speeding when cop tries to pull him over. his reaction is pure gold
Sober or not, if a cop ever stops me and tells me to recite the alphabet Day shift - Night Shift,
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End of shift. We made it through another one, Dad!!! Excuse me Ma'am. But my eyes are up here
Hey Sarge. You said you wanted to see me If my Dad isn't back in two minutes I'm going in
My office and you complain about your cubicle Oh, your husband doesn't work this holiday. Neither does mine! Said NO police wife. EVER
She gets mad unless I get her a Slushie! What the public calls in....What we roll up on
We willingly protect you with our lives, and we're honored to do so. Can you please,
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