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Warning To avoid injury Don't tell me how t do my job When they keep talking to the cashier after they already paid for their
As a kid, did you ever knock on people's doors and run away before they could,
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Boss=Do you believe in life after death. Employee=Certainly not! There's
Do you think if I throw a temper tantrum at work, they'd send me home Interviewer- 'What did you like best about your last job' Me-'Sometimes
McDonald's employees act like they whole career on the line when you That Face you make when that one co-worker think they Supervisor
We may have lost the office Powerball pool but at least we bonded over When a rude customer says they are never coming back
When your boss tells you what to do like you don't do the same shit every When you're already off the clock & your boss asks for a favor
Managers. When they ask you to take a shift. When you ask ;for a day off,
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The cashier seemed to appreciate that I bagged my own groceries unti
The new guy may not have the experience he says he has The customer is not always right...Sometimes the customer is a twat!,
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