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Making good people helpless wont make bad people harmless The only organization in America that gets blamed for actions none of
This is how many guns I'll be giving up-0-Unconstitutional laws are not A gun is a tool...No better or no worse than any other tool an axe, a shovel,
Updates for 2016-02-21 start here.
Banning guns because criminals have to many is like castrating yourself Caution These guns do not come with brains you must use your own
Click 'like' if you ever used one of these when you were a kid Crininals before gun bans-Crinimals after gun bans
Dear America. The is a 'Barrel Shroud' it's function is to shield you from Guns don't kill people, Killer klowns from outer space do
I do NOT support the UN gun control treaty If I have 10 guns, & a federal law forces me to turn in 8 of them, how
If you point a gun at the Police and get shot! You are NOT a victim of anything!
Webmasters Note: I totally agree with this one
Important Notice-We ask that all legal gun owners put this on their wall. The
Jagdkommando Tri-Dagger=Deadliest knife ever. It takes a team of My Guns are NO threat to ANYONE who isn't trying to deprive me or my
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