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Easter is not about coloring eggs,
the easter bunny or candy.
Easter is not about getting a new
hairstyle for Easter Sunday. 

It's not about trying to dazzle someone at church
with your new outfit with matching accessories. 

A big fancy meal in itself has nothing to do
with Easter. But it does have to do with fellowship with God,
family, and friends, who are invited to your home,
or you to their home.

God is not interested in your lifestyle;
but He is interested in YOUR soul. 
He is interested in your personal relationship
with Him and his son Jesus. What good is it to dress up the
outside of a man, woman, or child,
when it is the heart, mind, and soul, that needs
to be delicately cared for. It's the inside
of you that God is concerned about.
 He gave his Son so that you could be redeemed.