The Oddest Animals That Exist in Real Life

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African Pangolin

Maned Wolf


Cinereous mourner


Lake Titicaca Water Frog

Rainbow Milkweed Locust

Patagonian Mara

Thysanostoma Jellyfish

Picasso Bug

Chromodoris Willani Sea Slug

Marbled Polecat

Five-banded Gliding Lizard

Blacknose sheep

Yoda Bat

Pink Necked Green Pigeon

Whiptail Blue Lizard

Yellow Boxfish

Japanese Emperor Caterpillar

False Zokor

Miniature Melo

Red Gurnard

Tufted Deer

Chinese Water Deer

Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Panda Ant

Pink Fairy Armadillo

Giant Earth Worm

Amazonian Royal Flycatcher

Dumbo Octopus

Borneo Ninja Slug


"Known in Florida as the Gentle Giant"

Sunda Colugo

Lagidium / Viscacha

Wilson's Bird of Paradise

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That is A great group Where I get a lot of my stuff from & Marie is a great Mod there!!.