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Sometimes The Heart Sees 
What The Eyes Can't


Each of us is born with a heart.
A beating heart that keeps us alive. 
A heart that reacts to every emotion we have.

Every time I hear this song,
"The Power Of Love" 
I become engrossed in the power of the music. 
The power of love that transends across the oceans.
The power of love that comes to each of us
during very happy or difficult times in life.

The first thing that comes to mind is 
the power of love between parent and child.
That power must come from within the parent to love
and take time to show a child how to grow. 
To keep that child from harm, and lead him 
or her down the right path. 
It is up to the parent to pass on that power of love.

The heart and love between a man and woman, 
is the power to overcome trials and work 
together to keep love strong.
Sure it is very difficult in this day and age,
with all the temptations satan puts in front of us.
BUT it can be done. Let your heart see what the eyes can't.
But if it can't be worked out after all attempts
to do so have been tried, then it is time to move on.
Gather up the pieces of your broken heart and let it mend.

We can't control the weather.
We can't control who passes on. 
We can't control time.
It slips away in a blink of an eye. 
The power of love between family, friends, 
or neighbors, can carry us through the worst of times.
It can see us through the storms that destroy our lives, 
but those storms can't destroy true fellowship. 
The true feelings in one's heart or soul. 
Search for every good thing that 
brings you peace and happiness.

The power of love is the strength in each
of us that keeps us strong. 
The power of the heart is what we can show 
and give to someone who is down and depressed 
and wonders if life is worth living. 
It is the wisdom, courage, and strength to
keep going on, no matter how tough things are. 
We can let love flow, or hold it back. 
You and those around you need to see it, to feel it.
What you have to share gives others inspiration 
to live each moment,
and then their willingness to share it.

For me it is the power of love
between God and me.
To feel His presence every day, 
and see Him in everything that surrounds me. 
And to know He loves me. And He loves you.
Then there is the love between me and my husband,
family, and friends. And my heart does see what my eyes can't.
It is the power of love within.