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It was Christmas at 
the Orphanage
and Jenny
felt alone...

No one had
come to adopt her
and this Orphanage
was her home...

Jenny was there
for many a year
with a broken heart
that shed many tears.

Christmas was coming
and no presents in sight
Jenny's heart was astir
also filled with some fright...

Her single mom had died
many years ago
she was placed in this home
There was nowhere else to go.

Friendly ole Pete
showed up now and then
he made all the kids laugh
and would visit them time and time again.

Jenny learned to pray
at her mom's knee,
a wee child
so full of fun and glee...

But as time went on
she lost her spark
and over time,
a broken heart...

One night Jenny
lay in her bed
she wanted a teddy bear
and more tears she shed...

She remembered her mommy
teaching her to pray
and ask the Lord Jesus
to bless her day....

Jenny jumped out of bed
got down on her knees
And asked the Lord Jesus
for a "teddy bear" please.

Ole Pete had a vision
one night in his head,
dozens of teddy bears dancing
around on his bed...

That's what I will
get these kids this year
I will give them a new teddy bear
to bring them some Christmas cheer.

Next day he jumped out of bed
and drove to the store
and purchased a truck load
every color galore.

He came home and wrapped
each bear with delight
and headed to the Orphanage
on a cold Winter's night...

It was Christmas Eve
the children were asleep in their beds
as Pete placed the bears
around their dear heads.

Christmas morning arrived
Jenny awoke
On her pillow
She felt a little poke.

She turned around quickly
in her bed and
there was a present
All wrapped in red.

She tore open the paper
and let out a scream
There was her teddy bear
Just like in Pete's dream.

Jesus had heard her,
a little child's prayer
She got on her knees
with her new teddy bear...

Thank you Lord Jesus
now I know I am no longer alone,
and say "hi" to my mommy
I will see her when I get to "my new home".