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NFL and chill The moment you realize the all the remaining undefeated NFL teams
Who dey, WHO DEY think gonna beat them Bengals. NO ONE!! Yes I'm a girl, Yes I watch football, and Yes, I yell and scream at the TV
A Steelers fan, a Browns fan, and a Bengals fan are climbing a mountain,
Updates for 2016-02-21 start here.
Broncos beat them Steelers!
I don't always root for anyone but the Bengals. But when I do it's for Look the Pittsburgh Steelers are in town!
Maybe one day you'll be able to root for your team winning instead of my team Merry Christmas! and a who dey new year!
Mexican word of the day-Suck-The Steelers suck Proud Cincinnati Bengals Fan
Webmasters Note: NOT me for the record I'm not a fan of any of them!
Steelers play dirty no one bats an eye. Bengals gives them a taste of their We are a Bengals Family
When you realize there's football on tonight! When you remember it's the Who Dey!
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