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SuperBowlXLVIII-20150201 The Dirtiest Player in the game. That's cute!
The year is 2035. Cowboys Fans still reviewing the play Help us wish Julio Jones a very happy birthday today! of the Falcons,
Updates for 2015-03-05 start here.
Home-Away-Bengals-2015-2016 Season Knock knock-Who's there-Owen-Owen who-0-4-Ugh,
Updates for 2015-08-13 start here.
That moment you realize it's the final month of 2015 without Football They had a Steeler flag hanging from the porch. NOT any more!!
WHO DEY-Lose to now! Dad, What's a loss- I don't know son, we're Buckeye Fans,
Updates for 2015-10-07 start here.
I may seem quiet and reserved but if you mess with me. Realizing today is the last Sunday without football until.
Scariest 4 words in the NFL. You play Cincinnati next. WHO DEY! Steelers fans be like the Patriots are cheaters!
Bengals Thumbs Up,
Updates for 2015-12-15 start here.
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