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The Greatest Love I've ever known came from a man who died for me Those who put everything in God's hand will eventually see God's hand
Wants everyone to know...Looks llike the first 10,000 'refugees' will be Warning Too much Jesus will causse happiness. Type 'Amen' if Jesus
WARNING! I steal pics, so if I like your shit, I'm stealing your shit, reposting
Webmasters Note:& this website is a perfect example cause hardly NOTHING on this site is my own work.
Warning! I'm an asshole, so if you don't want your feelings hurt walk away
We need no to worry ourselves with the ending of the World tomorrow When I die, I'd like someone to keep updating my FACEBOOK status just
Where my cousins at- Roll call! Who else can't stand liars and cheaters
Who remembers...Waiting to call long distance after 7pm because it was Who remembers flipping through albums at the Record store
Who's actually glad they met me Wishing all my Facebook friends and family a safe and happy Christmas!
With all this 'gun control' talk I haven't heard one politician say how Yes or no- comment below-Homeless servicemen should come before
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