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If war came to American soil, Would you fight. Like and share if you would If you believe that the Bible is the very word of God... TYPE. Amen & Share!
If you could have one artist stop by your house and sing, who would it be If you ever feel unloved, remember there's some creep out there 9 years
If you point a gun at the Police and get shot! You are NOT a victim of anything!
Webmasters Note: This I truely believe.
If you say I post a lot that means you scroll a lot. Which means you spend
I'm a proud suporter of messy hair, no makeup and PJ'S all day! I'm ready for Summer. Who's with me
I'm sure a lot of folks think dang she's always posting on Facebook about Important Notice-We ask that all legal gun owners put this on their wall. The
It's simple-Americans who join ISIS are traitors and should be stripped of It's Thursday December 24, 2015. Happy CHRISTmas Eve. If you're
I've got your baggage. Now follow me! Jesus I need you to stand by me because without you I cannot stand
Jesus is the key to heaven but Faith unlocks the door Just sending out a big-02
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