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Don't start with me today devil, you are under my feet and the joy of they Ever seen a picture of Barack Obama like this-Like & Share
Facebook needs these three buttons. 1. Dislike 2. Who Cares and 3. You're Facebook-A place where people announce their problems to the world
Grand-Daughter's Share if you have a Grand-Daughter you love with all Hard times, bad times or rough times, I still have faith in God
Heaven is always open. Police work on a shift. Doctors are on call. Surgeons Heavenly father, When I am tired, you give me the strength to go on. When
Honey, I'm fixin' to tell you somethin' about bein Southern. Being Southern I am a child of God. I know it. I live it. I love it. Write 'Amen' if you are a
I don' t always get blocked on Facebook but when I do it's a good I refuse to bend, twist or change to make Muslims feel comfortable in MY COUNTRY
I want to challenge everyone to repost our country's flag. I want to see I will never apologize for being a Christian Please click like & say Amen
I will not apologize I will not apologize for being straight. I will not I were ever President...I'd put bibles & Prayer back in School
Webmasters Note: For the Record I do Believe in this one!!
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