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You will lose a lot of sleep.

You will learn to hide certain objects from your cat. You will spend money on your cat because you just want to show them love, but they will not care.
You will get bitten, scratched, and generally abused. You will learn to sleep with your toes inside the covers.

You will sit for ages with a dead leg, needing a wee, because you couldn’t possibly disturb your cat.

You will learn to get a bit more relaxed about “personal space”. You will learn to defend every meal you eat. You will never leave a glass dangerously near the edge of a surface again.
Your cat will spend some time removing all of the cat litter from their tray. You will hold your cat up to the mirror just so they can see how beautiful they are. You will see a box or a large elastic band and think, My cat would love that.
Your cat will stare at you and you’ll wonder if they’re going to murder you in your sleep. You will leave the house absolutely covered in cat hairs. Your cat will do some really odd things, and eventually you will just accept them as totally normal.
You will not blink when your cat decides to do their daily sprints around the house. You will surrender cups of tea and turn on taps because your cat has decided that they don’t like to drink water out of a bowl. You will cancel plans to be ignored by your cat all evening.
You will love like you’ve never loved before.

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