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afghan 4x4 bus
cb_radio_redneck_internet, you know what now that I think about this it's true another bus
NOW that's a load Need a step
truck with Achmed tie these balloons to your truck
it guarantees me an Cool Truck, Updates for 2013-11-24 start here.
Big & low truck, my son James likes on FB, Updates for 2013-12-19 start here. Red truck, my son James likes on FB
Jeep people add random Jeep,
Updates for 2014-01-09 start here.
You work 8 hours a day and think it,
Updates for 2014-03-14 start here.
The Jeep Makes it's own roads,
Updates for 2014-04-23 start here.
Because your kids won't remember,
Updates for 2014-08-05 start here.
Hers & His,
Updates for 2014-08-16 start here.
how many wheels does it take
If you're a trucker & you don't have,
Updates for 2015-01-12 start here.
Jeep driver gets last laugh on Corvette driver who felt the need to take up 2 spaces in busy parking lot
Jeeps are like drugs You do just a little New truck driver is being born
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