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The highest paid world leader is Lee Hsien Loong 

the prime minister ofSingapore, followed by Tony Abbott of Australia and

 President Barrack Hussein Obama of the U.S. Enjoy!




Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister, Singapore
Salary: US $1,700,000

Tony Abbott, Prime Minister, Australia
Salary: US $403,712

Barack Hussein Obama, President, USA
Salary: US $400,000

Jean-Claude Juncker, President, European Commission
Salary: US $346,519

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President, Argentina
Salary: US $315,091 + for extra activities

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister, Canada
Salary: US $260,000 + Extra from Zionist on his external policy

Angela Merkel, Chancellor, Germany
Salary: US $234,400 ++ lots of money in Germany

David Cameron, Prime Minister, UK
Salary: US $214,800 + extras from Qatar &
Wahabis of Saudi Arabia

Shinzo Abe, Prime Minister, Japan
Salary: US $202,700

Francois Hollande, President, France
Salary: US $194,300 + extra from Zionist on his policy

Vladimir Putin, President, Russia
Salary: US $136,000 + lots of extras through KGB

Dilma Rousseff, President, Brazil
Salary: US $120,000

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister, India
Salary: US $30,300 + ???

The lowest paid world leader is the President of China

Xi Jinping, President, People's Republic of China
SalaryUS $22,000