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Always love your mother because-02 Nothing I've done has given me more happiness than being a Dad!
You know you're a mom when you use baby wipes-02 Do NOT wake up mom! There are at least 7 animals that eat their young. Your Mom,
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Embarrassing my children Just one more service I offer Nobody warned me that my child could possible develop an
A man who honors his mother will give his wife a life of royalty,
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All three of my kids are asleep right now. At the same time. I am frolicking
As old as we all are, we all miss our daddy sometimes Dear Mother-in-Law. Don't teach me how to handle my children, I am
Parenting like a boss The fact that I think you should support your kids and don't does not
To be a Mother is to watch your Heart walk around outside of your You can run for now. But one day you'll stop and realize that you missed
and Grandma, guess what- They wouldn't let me in the kitchen!,
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Being a mom is worth every stretch mark, wrinkle, and sleepless night
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