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Ladies. High heels are not sexy if you walk like a newborn calf Today is National Short Girl Appreciatoin Day
Who said men can't multi task. Of course they can. They scratch,
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Females be grocery shopping in high heels Like where you going to the,
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/I'm really not a bitch. I'm just a woman with a backbone There are girls that like fast cars, or big trucks and then there are Jeep
Few women admit their age. But very few men act theirs,
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Just a woman OH helll no! I am a big cup of wonderful, covered
At this age, what be the princess or the damsel in distress when you can,
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Fred are you sure about this. Yes I'm sure theres a 40 year old unmarried
Here's to the Girls who grew up playing in the dirt, who ran outside barefoot I'd rather struggle every day of my life than to ever give a man the power
If you're arguing with a woman and she says WOW you're done Of course it's a man's world. Would a woman create this kind of messs
She builds others up because she knows what it's like to be torn down Have you ever noticed that a-02,
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