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Male & female stuff that didn't make it to other albums. Page 8.

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What's the difference between a man buying a lottery When a female is used to getting
When women say they're done arguing, but then come Who said that women can't park
Women are angel's When someone breaks our wings Women be like NOPE I ain't mad
Relationship Tip for men, when a woman says, Correct me if I'm,
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Things men do that upset women-02
A man asked a fairy to make him desirable to all women, So she,
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Women are angel's When someone breaks our wings-02
Women who are in their 20's think they are sexy, Women who Yes, I'm a Female. I push doors that clearly say pull, I laugh harder
A pretty face gets older, A nice body will change, But a good woman,
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Behind every crazy bitch, is a sweet girl who just got tired of all the
I can go from halo to Broomstick in 2.6 second It's a scientific fact Never tell a-02
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