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If you can make a woman laugh, you're almost there. If you're almost I'm honestly convinced that some women don't fart. They just hold it in
Older women don't follow the rules...They simply make new ones! There are more men that women in mental hospitals which just goes to
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There's nothing sweeter than hearing a man say those three little words True story=Women never argue with a guy who's doing chores!
What men don't understand is=When we want flowers, you don't' have to
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What women think men want- What men really want
When a man says 'It's not in there, I looked', that doesn't mean it's not in A man's most expensive hobby starts with 97 cents,
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Behind every angry woman stands a man... Who has absolutely no idea If you love her, make her pancakes for breakfast because girls love
Behind every angry woman stands a man... Who has absolutely no idea-02,
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Oh honey. Women don't snore, we purrrrrrrrr!
A foolish woman keeps talking. A wise woman understands the power of her words,
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Behind every suscessful woman is a substantial amount of coffee and a good dog
I am a grown woman, I'm not a princess. I have an attitude, I have opinions, and a very Ladies do not start fights. But they can finish them
Unlike other girls, I can make boys smile with my pants on! When a woman starts laughing during an argument, she's flipped her psycho switch
Woman have periods, love handles, stretch marks and they aren't all models..So if
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