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Back in my day This meant get yo ass home Before I tell you what happened, Mom, remember
Cake ...I don't know what Children seldom misquote In fact,
Dear Children, I gave you life, You give me your Reese's
Webmasters Note: This so very true in my home. Just ask any of my kids!!!!
Do not desturb! This little chef is busy!
I say boy when I was your age I didn't get my phone taken If I'm going to take you all over the neighborhood
Listen, You distract them with a LOOK sis! There goes Mom's sanity
MOMMY! It's 5am & I'm wide awake Move out on your own they said, it will be fun they said
my kids are the reason-02 Never complain about the things your parents
Quit blaming your parents for everything wrong in Siblings be like I did not slap
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