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Can you hear those footsteps I hope Karma is wearing stilettos
you might have burned me You deserve every bit of karma, Updates for 2013-12-01 start here.
karma professionalism, Updates for 2013-12-11 start here. Karma takes way too long I'd rather
Dear Karma, Please be more, Updates for 2014-01-02 start here. Karma, It's never too far behind
I'm not in the mood for revenge,
Updates for 2014-01-09 start here.
Don't waste your time on,
Updates for 2014-03-14 start here.
karma professionalism-2 Karma, What goes around comes
May Karma never Bite you in,
Updates for 2014-05-17 start here.
If Karma punched you in the face for every lie you,
Updates for 2015-01-11 start here.
Just remember, Karma has everybody's address! karma professionalism-3
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