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Books have been written about this relationship of Hubbits & their wives. Page 6.

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I think I'm getting sick The most dreaded words a wife can I want you to know that every
In marriage you have 2 choices Sometimes, just sometimes, when people say
9 out of 10 husbands always agree that their wife is always right,
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A Father calls to check on his wife. What happens next is shocking,
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I'm going to bed- Wife pick up toys in living room A divorce is a not a failed marriage. getting out before you kill them,
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My husband thinks I'm crazy-02 Bill Gates declared to the world I am Microsoft! Mrs. Gates had no,
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My Wife. A man complains to his friend. I can't take it any more. What's A lasting relationship isn't just a pair of rings. It's being kind, accepting,
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Better to have loved and divorced than to be stuck wiht an idiot Top 10 names of men who make the best husbands
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I am proudly married to my best friend. If that applies to you, Share,
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