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Books have been written about this relationship of Hubbits & their wives. Page 4.
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No matter how old you both you were fixing cars in
I am married to my best, Updates for 2013-11-18 start here. Marriage is a Workshop where, Updates for 2013-11-24 start here.
Marriage-License-Bureau My wife got naked and asked me to
Stalemate The doctor said he needed more
I don't need Google-2, Updates for 2013-11-30 start here. I've been thinking I'm the man
Married 65 years, Died 11 hours My husband thinks I'm crazy
What makes you feel that your Your spouse is the only person
This old man was thinking really, Updates for 2013-12-08 start here. Who says men don't remember!, Updates for 2014-01-02 start here.
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