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books have been written about this relationship of Hubbits & their wives.

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Why on my side adult diapers
plenty rest wife coming
marriage right husband Relationships are about two individuals who maintain their own lives and create another one together
wife ready in 5 every morning
wife rules bed pillows-leigh[1]1
its amazing how creative we get 101 positions
Andy Capp-Not Happy Shoping cart ?
I pick next time Marriage choice
special delivery I agree
My friend, who is a the head of Human Resources at a very large bank, says that 
the best excuse for absenteeism, that he had ever received in his career of  almost 22 years,  was from a female Indian employee,at their bank's headquarters at  Mumbai, India, in July 2010.   He says when the lady, was questioned on why   she remained absent the previous
day, she simply replied .......

This is based on a real scenario at the State Bank of India. 
marriage is like a deck of
"But Sir, I had no option. My husband was on casual leave yesterday and was at home.  
By mistake he took pills from the wrong bottle in our medicine cabinet and ended up 
consuming an over-dose of Viagra! Now how could I have left him, all alone at home, 
with the house-maid?"
My wife and I were watching this is so fun to do
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