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Books have been written about this relationship of Hubbits & their Wives. Page 9.

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When you're in a relationship and the other person sets their alarm but Wife- Look at that drunk guy. Husband- Who is he. Wife- 10 years back he
Wife texts husband on a cold winters morning 'Windows frozen, won't Wife=Wake up! I hear a rat eating last night's dinner
Webmasters Note: I couldn't even come close to saying that about my second wife BUT my first wife NOW that's a whole different story.
You ask your husband to do the dishes, he suddenly has to poop You learn more about someone at the end of a relationship than at the
Your driving is bloody terrible, my husband said to me...Oh come on! A man came home drunk at four in the morning, and his wife was all over,
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Cheating=is the most disgusting, hurtful & disrespectful thing you could I don't believe in divorce. Once we're married you're mine to annoy
I love my wonderful wife share if you love your wife I wanted chickens. My husband didn't want chickens. So we compromised
Man says to wife=What would you do if I won the lottery. Wife replies Marriages are made in heaven. But then again, so are thunder and
Husband is throwing darts at his wife's photo, not a single dart is hitting,
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Just because you're mad at someone doesn't mean you stop loving them
Wife=You pick dinner. Me=Pizza. Wife=No. Me=Tacos. Wife=No Your husband will always be your biggest and oldest child that requires-02
  How important it is to read your message before sending it !

             Husband wrote a romantic message to his wife on his official trip and missed an "e" in the last word.
            Now he is seeking police protection to enter his own house. He wrote:
Being married is like having the freedom to do whatever your wife tells you,
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"Hi darling I'm experiencing the best time of my life & I wish you were her...!!”
Driving around waiting on my wife to pick a place to eat Leaving the store, I couldn't find my keys. They weren't in my pockets. Suddenly I
Marriage tip- Your wife won't start an argument with you if you are cleaning My wife at home-My wife in public
Thanks alot, America Hillary's home every night, now
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When you're young..You wanna do everything together. When you're older..You wanna
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