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My greatest treasure is, was, and will be my family!! We may not be perfect My greatest wish is that my kids always know how much I love-02
The bond between Mother and Son lasts a lifetime. The bond between Those who love you are not fooled by mistakes you have made or dark
When I asked him what he was planning to wear and he said depends
5 minutes in the corner is better than 5 years in prison. Discipline them now so I don't,
Updates for 2016-02-20 start here.
Apples don't fall from my family tree....nuts do!
Be good to your nieces & nephews. One day you'll need them to smuggle Dad-See math isn't so bad! Son-Dad, will I ever use this stuff in real life
I am not insane...My mother had me tested...However, have you met my
Webmasters Note: or in my case sister(s) I got 5 of them.
I'm pretty sure that kids think the word 'No' means ask mom repeatedly
Me..Waiting for my Sister to visit me My son is super awesome & I'm the lucky one because
No matter how poor you think you are. If you have a family, you have No, a well-deserved spanking is not child abuse. Share if you agree!
Webmasters Note: OH yes I do & well known for it too!!!!!
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