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If you carry old bricks from your past relationship to your new one, Most women are afraid of clowns but somehow still end up
There there. You don't need him anyway, you have me! In your lifetime, you will find and meet one person who will love you,
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Remember. They cheated because they wanted to, they lied because,
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Never cheat on a crazy bitch,
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When a woman no longer gets frustrated and upset with you, you can The perfect guy is not the one who has the most money or the most,
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Why do some couples make their status single everytime they fight. I don't put 11 ways to love. 1 listen without interrupting. 2 Speak without accusing,
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Being single is not about loneliness. It's about loving yourself enough Cute Relationship is. When someone is angry and says I will never
Ever look back and think of some of the people you dated or wanted to date in High School Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you
Hi there, Mister. that sure is a good-looking hat. I've never seen such When he's half asleep but rolls over, wraps his arms around
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