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When you and your girl are fighting and you ask her Why do single women take dating advice
You had me at we shouldn't be doing this You may not have anyone lying next to you at
Your girlfriends face when she unlocks You're letting her think she has a chance and there
A relationship with no gender roles, We both hustle, we both Five Words To Ruin A First Date
I don't care if you are going to tell everyone about what Meeting people at the bar is like going to the grocery store
Rule of a relationship, The person you're meant to be with will She met him on the Internet He said he lived in a gated
Treat her like she's worthless & Another man will show Guys, close your eyes, Imagine you have a daughter, Imagine,
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It doesn't matter how you look, What your weight is or how much Like if you remember when guys let girls wear their class rings
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