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remember when we were young Respect the old when you are
There are two signs of aging, Updates for 2013-12-11 start here. The cat in the hat on aging, Updates for 2014-01-02 start here.
Don't under-estimate the older,
Updates for 2014-06-07 start here.
the litttle boy and old man,
Updates for 2014-08-05 start here.
at my age, I've seen it all-02,
Updates for 2015-01-02 start here.
Don't forget to turn your clocks back, I'm turning mine
Getting old sucks, I used to wake up feeling Growing old is mandatory Growing up is optional
Haven't been feeling very well I can hardly believe it I'm rich! I have silver
The first 40 years of childhood are always Don't get all weird about getting older! Our age is merely,
Updates for 2015-01-26 start here.
Women who are in their 20's think they are sexy, Women who You know you're getting older when you use the word
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