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Hi all,

If it's "ABOUT ME" in some way or form or fashion I put it here. Page 45.

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What I think-What I say Yes I have good manners. Yes I show others respect. Yes I help
You want me to go shopping, You mean. In a store. Although it gets me into trouble I usually always speak my mind,
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As far as I know I'm delightful Being crazy was the best gift I ever got from my family. It makes life so
Do you ever go out, and while you're out, you think, 'This is exactly why I Don't worry about me stabbing you in the back, I'd rather just punch you
Everyone excited about going out to party on New Year's Eve an I'll be
Webmasters Note: YUP!
Good morning friends, Wait, what the hell am I doing up this early
Have you ever felt like you did everything right...and it still all went wrong Have you ever just looked into a mirror and thought oh, HELL NO! that
Hi, I'm Trouble. I heard you were looking for me I didn't lose my mind...I just sold it online
I don't always say something stupid. But when I do, I keep talking /I don't always walk around my house in socks. But when I do, I find the
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