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Hi all,

If it's "ABOUT ME" in some way or form or fashion I put it here. Page 33.

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The real me live on the internet! They say pain lets you know you're alive oh I feel
They say there's no rest for the wicked No wonder Trust me as you get to know me I just get weirder
Warning all stressed out N no one to choke ! When I bang my toe against something, it's like I pressed a
When I'm free No text messages No missed calls There When someone asks me what I did
When you feel that nobody loves you, nobody cares for Whenever I'm having a bad day, I just stop to remind
Who do I trust ME ! Why I'm smiling Shit, I done been threw enough to know aint
Yes, I know I can't sing Yes, I rock out in my car Yes, I'm aware people
You can always count on me to be the asshole who gives You either like me or you don't It took
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