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I am who I am, Your approval is not needed-02 I do not have a screw loose, It fell out!
I don't care that anyone thinks I'm having male strippers at my funeral I don't even have a sense of humor anymore it's just sarcasm and general
I don't see how my boyfriend will ever need multiple women. I have I literally love being at home. In my own space. Comfortable. Not
I think I may need professional help...A chef, a butler and a maid should do /If I got kidnapped they'd probably give me back after 20 minutes because
I'm going to stand outside, so if anyone ask I am outstanding I'm not rude. I'm just not afraid to say what everyone else is actually
I'm so tired my tired is tired! I'm still tired from yesterday's tired
I've just been diagnosed with a terminal case of ZTFI....Zero Tolerance for Just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I hate you, it means I
My hobbies include staying up until 2am for no reason and being My luck is like a bald guy who just won a comb
My morning routine includes 10 minutes of sitting on my bed thinking No matter how hard I try to be a proper lady, someone always finds a way
Pretending to be a functioning adult is exhausting Rules when I first wake up 1. Everyone shut the hell up. 2. Get out of my way
So you mean to tell me a stress ball isn't for throwing at people who-02 Sober or not, if a cop ever stops me and tells me to recite the alphabet
Sometimes my brain is like the Bermuda Triangle. Information goes in
That awkward moment when a Zombie is looking for brains and it walks That awkward moment when a Zombie is looking for brains and it walks
When people talk about my driving....but did you die When you really want to say something but you have to stop yourself
Being this crazy doesn't require any training, I just get out of bed and bam,
Updates for 2016-11-26 start here.
I don't like to think before I speak. I prefer to be just as surprised as everyone else by
I don't mind differences of opinion. I do mind hate I naturally look mean but I'm ok with that. It keeps weak people away
Webmasters Note: Remove the word 'Weak' & I agree with this 00%!
I swear if my memory was any worse, I could plan my own surprise party I think I'm gonna get on someones nerves today
I was going to do something, then I got distracted for 5 seconds and forgot If I could teleport, I'd probably still be late
I'm 90% sexy and 10% crazy. Or is that the other way round I'm so glad people can't hear what I think
I'm the kind of person who stares at a menu for 20 minutes and ends up choosing It takes real skill to choke on air, fall up stairs, and trip over completely nothing
My brain is like an internet browser. 12 Tabs are open. 5 of them are not responding oh my Goodness can you imagine if there were two of me
Proud to be American Some people think I am going crazy...The joke is on them, I went there years ago, fell in
Someone asked me if I'd found my soulmate, and I was like lol, I cant find my keys Take me or leave me accept me or walk away love me or hate me but don't make me
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